Monday, October 6, 2014

What do you do when you are stressed?

So what do you all do when you are stressed?  

I've been having a pretty stressful couple of weeks between work and other personal obligations.  It finally dragged me down enough this week for me to say "The heck with this! I need some me time." So on Tuesday (my day off), instead of laundry, or errands, or a million other things that needed my attention... I went to my crafting beginnings and just sat down and made cards... lots and lots of cards.

I decided that with all the new paper lines in the new CTMH book, there is no reason to hold on to my retired B&T sample swatches. Of course, no way am I just going to toss those 6x6 in. beautiful patterned papers! I did what every other scrapper would do- use them to make cards.

I did all the cutting and made the bases of the cards on Tuesday while the girls were at school.  That helped with enough stress to get me through the rest of the week. 

Watching my girls at their respective games on Thursday and Friday, set up a perfect relaxing weekend. On Saturday, I helped my oldest prepare for her final Homecoming dance. Both her and her date were stunning and it made this Mom's day to see my girl so happy.

After they went off to dinner and the dance, I sat down to finish those cards. After what seemed like stamping a million sentiments, they were finally done! 

And the crafting didn't stop there- I also did my project for the upcoming Blog Hop (early for a change) and today I made a cute little mini album that I will post about hopefully next week.  I have plans for coordinating layout pages and want to share them all at the same time. 

Hopefully after all the crafting this week, I have recharged enough to face reality and obligations again. I think I really needed that break from everyday stresses. And Hey, guess what? The kids survived, work is still there, and the laundry didn't completely take over the house!  I think life is still good....

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  1. I, too, craft when I'm stressed. Some times I let the "business" part of crafting to stress me out